Restaurant Orangerie de Pol - Magic in the forest

This unique green location is found just outside the centre of Doetinchem in the Achterhoek woods. Every dinner is a unique experience, which is exactly what we aim to achieve with each of our lighting plans. Once the sun sets and the night begins, we aim to create a unique experience with a versatile lighting plan that offers stylish ambiance. This experience can often be even more magical at night than during the daytime.

Creating depth with light

Orangerie de Pol asked us to create a sense of depth when looking out from inside. Before the lighting was installed, when you looked outside the window, everything was dark and all you could see was your own reflection in the glass. This was clearly a missed opportunity. So we created a lighting plan with different phases. The areas around the building, for instance, are subtly accentuated, with light intensity that increases gradually. The further away from the building, the stronger the spotlight, resulting in exceptional depth.

Ground Light

This project primarily features ground lights that are incorporated into gravel or grass. We used the BIG NERO and BIG NERO NARROW to illuminate the tall trees leading to the entrance and along the forest path. The landscaping next to the building is illuminated with the LUNA which, thanks to its wide lighting effect, makes it possible to evenly illuminate the bushes.

Not only can you visit the Orangerie de Pool for a fantastic meal (and to enjoy the lighting), but also admire the property on their Instagram page and website.


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