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Flexible LED strip


EVO FLEX 12V is a flexible LED strip with a length of 1, 2 and 3 meters.

EASY-LOCK is included as standard with this fixture.

The cable length on this fixture is 60cm.

  • Equipped with LEDs that provide an even light beam
  • Flexible luminaire with a bending radius of about 3 cm
  • IP-68 waterproof
Installation advice:

Use EVO FLEX accessories for proper mounting.

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  • EVO FLEX 1, 2 or 3 metres
  • 110 mm cable to the luminaire
Product overview
Product Details

Create your ideal lighting effect with the various products in the EVO FLEX range. The flexible line-lighting is available in lengths of one, two and three metres. Need a different length than the available sizes? No problem! Simply trim the EVO FLEX to the right length. The flexibility of this product means that it's completely up to you how you use the EVO FLEX – down to the very last centimetre.

The magic of this line-lighting lies in its flexibility, making it possible to conform into virtually any possible shape. Whether your garden has straight lines or lots of organic shapes, the EVO FLEX fits in perfectly! Out of sight during the daytime, this fixture creates an exceptionally unique ambience after dark that is as artistic as it is functional.

The EVO FLEX is an artistic addition to the EVO concept. This concept offers solutions for your entire garden and consists of bollards, wall lights, ground lights and surface lights. The characteristic sleek and architectural look makes them a real eye-catcher in any outdoor space. If you fancy a premium look, look no further than the EVO concept.


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Installation instructions

Installation advice
<p>To make mounting as flexible and easy as possible, EVO FLEX accessories have been developed. For example, use the PROFILE for perfect straight lines, the CLIPS for beautiful organic shapes and the CORNER IN- and OUTSIDE for corners of exactly 90 degrees. This way you can optimally illuminate your staircase, overhang, pond edge or border.</p> <p>If EVO FLEX is cut, the fixture can be made waterproof with a light-permeable mini-waterlock. (supplied as standard)</p> <p>For optimal operation of EVO FLEX (1, 2, 3) it is recommended to connect the fixture to a 10/2 ground cable of maximum 40 meters.</p>
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