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Outdoor pendant light 100-230 volt


DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE is an atmospheric pendant light that can be mounted single or multiple with DISC BASE.
  • Dimmable by hand movement
  • Made of aluminum with FCBV coating in the color Black
  • These atmospheric pendant lights can be connected to a 100-230V power point
Customize DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE
BASE TRIPLE   + 59.00
DISC PENDANT 100-230V   + 224.00 Pendant light - Ø 200mm

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Product overview
Product Details

DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE is a particularly stylish pendant luminaire from the DISC concept. This luminaire consists of three DISC PENDANT 100-230V luminaires suspended by means of a DISC BASE TRIPLE.

Hang DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE preferably in a canopy. It is also possible to install two luminaires with DISC PENDANT 100-230V DUO.

The three DISC PENDANT 100-230V lamps of DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE are independently dimmable via integrated dimmers that can be operated by hand movements.


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Installation instructions

Installation advice
Install DISC PENDANT 100-230V with DISC BASE on an existing 230V power point in the ceiling. <br /> <br /> If several luminaires are installed using DISC BASE TRIPLE, it is important that the luminaires are mounted at different heights and clear of each other. Use the strain reliefs provided for this purpose. <br /> <br /> Preferably hang DISC PENDANT 100-230V luminaires in a wind-free spot.<br /> <br /> DISC PENDANT (100-230V) can be perfectly combined with other fittings from the DISC concept, but also with PUCK, HALO and other in-lite fittings in the colour Black or Dark anodised aluminium.
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