in-lite X Living Light

in-lite is a partner of Nova Innova and supported in the further development of the unique Living Light - Park product. For both parties, the aim is to make the outdoor environment special. To create an experience with a beautifully and magically lit outdoor space in a consciously green and sustainable way. That is why we are jointly committed to lighting the future with new natural energy sources.

Living Light - Park

Imagine: you are walking at night through a park with fairy lights that react to your presence. You feel that it is not normal lighting, but that the lighting is 'alive'. That's right, because energy from the lighting is generated by the plants themselves. It sounds futuristic, but this is made a reality with Living Light - Park.

Our Research & Development team guides founder Ermi van Oers and her team in the further development of the first pilot product installed in Rotterdam. In doing so, we help design a better construction and select the right materials for weather resistance and longer life.

How does it work?

The energy of the lights in this lighting system is generated by the park's own plants. To grow, plants convert water and CO2 into oxygen and sugar. This process is called photosynthesis. The plant does not need some of the sugars made and excretes them into the soil via the roots. Around the roots live bacteria that break down these sugars. In the process, the bacteria release electrically charged particles called electrons as a waste product. These electrons can be harvested without negatively affecting the ecosystem and use them as electricity for lighting. Green energy thus takes on a new meaning: during the production of electrons and thus electricity, the plant consumes CO2, or CO2 negative electricity production.

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