Create safety with garden lighting

Make your garden safer

At in-lite, we want to do more than simply help you to illuminate your garden. The right lighting solutions can provide a sense of safety around your home. You’ll never have to come home in the dark, struggling to put your key in the door or tripping over a step, thanks to motion sensors. All your outdoor lights can be connected to one system, to ensure that they all switch on together. The in-lite app allows you to switch your lights on and off remotely, providing the ultimate convenience. Additionally, you can set timers for your garden lighting, so it always switches on at the same time, perhaps when you usually return home from work. This can continue when you’re away for an extended period, so your home always looks lived in. The motion sensor will also help to reduce your energy consumption, as it won’t be unnecessarily switched on.


Entering your garden in the dark? This won’t be an issue with the SMART MOVE motion sensor. It will detect movement within a set radius and automatically turn on a light zone of your choosing. This will make your garden safer, and allow you to always find your front door with ease. The SMART MOVE motion sensor can be connected to your in-lite app.


The SMART HUB-150 marks a new era in which outdoor lighting is becoming an even bigger aspect of our daily lives. The SMART HUB-150 provides more possibilities for your garden lighting and more flexibility than ever before. The app has been developed for both iOS and Android phones, and allows you to set, store and share all the functionalities of the SMART HUB-150 with other in-lite app users.

Focus on safety

Good visibility is integral for your safety at night. Our outdoor lighting systems ensure that you never have to come home in the dark again. You won’t struggle to find the keyhole, visitors will feel welcome from the moment they step onto your driveway, and uninvited guests will quickly be deterred. The right facade lighting ensures optimum security for your outdoor space, and so much more.


With our SMART MOVE motion sensor, you’ll never have to look for the light switch again. Simply connect it to your garden light system and set a parameter, and any motion within this area will trigger the lights. You’ll be able to create a sense of safety around your home, and never be forced to return in the dark again. You have complete flexibility in setting these lights, including which will be activated, how long they’ll remain on, and how sensitive the motion sensor will be. This is the ultimate addition to your in-lite system.

Easily controlled by the in-lite app for iOS and Android smartphones & tablets
Guaranteed up to 10m of motion detection
Effortlessly installed up to 20m away from the transformer

Use our decision aid

Finding the right outdoor lighting for your garden can seem like a difficult task, but it really doesn’t have to be. With our handy decision aid, you only have to take a few short steps to discover the right choices for your garden.

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