Warranty conditions

No 100% in-lite, no 100% service

We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products and want you to enjoy your outdoor lighting without any worries. That is why we give a 5-year warranty on our luminaires and transformers and other accessories, which is considerably longer than is required by law.

  • In the unlikely event that something is not right, you can claim the warranty and service of in-lite through the gardener or dealer where you purchased the product. For this it is important that you can show on the basis of the purchase receipt or invoice that your system is composed exclusively of products from in-lite. So keep it well!
  • It is even better to register your purchase on the in-lite website. For this you only have to fill in your details and upload your purchase receipt or invoice. You will then receive an official (digital) guarantee certificate from us. Your details are then known to us, so that we can help you even faster when necessary.


NB! in-lite only gives a 5-year warranty on fixtures and transformers when used in combination with in-lite cable. The use of non-in-lite components in the system voids the five-year warranty. When purchasing through the gardener or dealer, pay close attention to the following aspects:

    1. Upon purchase and delivery, check whether all components that are used in combination (such as cables) come from in-lite (you can easily check this because all products from in-lite bear the in-lite brand).
    2. Check that your purchase receipt or invoice states that all components to be used in combination are in-lite branded.

No rights can be derived from communicated burning hours of LED light sources. Excluded from the in-lite warranty scheme are interchangeable retrofit light sources, the factory warranty of the relevant supplier is used here. In the case of a replacement product, the warranty can only be claimed for the remainder of the current term.

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