In-lite outdoor lighting is based on low voltage (12 volts). This means that our lighting can be installed safely and easily by anyone.

It takes only four steps to professionally install an in-lite system. Watch the videos to see how it’s done. 

step 1: transformer

This video shows you how to properly install the transformer and light sensor. Watch the video to learn all the tips and tricks.

step 2: move

The MOVE detects movement up to 12 meters at a vertical angle of 40 degrees and horizontal angle of 105 degrees.

It can be easily connected to  the transformer using the RCA plug provided. All of the functions of the motion detector are set

on the transformer itself. You can adjust the direction downwards after installation if desired.

step 3: cable

The cable conducts the electricity that powers the fixtures. Install it along paving and borders to make it more easily accessible later on.

Watch the video for instructions on laying the cable.

step 4: fixtures

Time for the last step: connecting the lights! We have four categories of lights: bollards, wall lights, ground lights and outdoor spotlights.



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