After you have created a lighting plan, you can draw up a cable plan. This plan is

based on your lighting plan. In three easy steps, you develop a cable plan that

provides a clear overview of cable lengths, branches and voltages.



All of your fixtures are indicated in your lighting plan. Calculate the total voltage of

your lighting plan to determine how many transformers you will need. Next, find a

good location for mounting the transformer. We recommend mounting the transformers

inside, such as in a shed. If this is not possible, the transformer should be installed at a

height of at least 50 cm above the ground and with a HUB or SMART HUB PROTECTOR.



Draw a cable from the transformer along the fixtures. Keep in mind that in-lite has two types of cables:

a thick 10/2 cable and a thin 14/2 cable. The thick 10/2 cable has a maximum length of 80 m between

the transformer and the last light, while the maximum length for the thin 14/2 cable is 40 m.

We also have the following tips for you:



The HUB-50 and HUB-100 have two cable outlets. This means that two cables can be used in the yard separately. The one cable, for instance, can be used for the front yard and the other for the backyard. With the SMART HUB-150, you have even more options because this transformer has three cable outlets. These outlets can also be activated separately.


In your cable plan, try to make as few branches as possible. If you need branches, use the CC-2 cable connector. More information on the cable lengths when using the CC-2 can be found here.

Cable length & CC-2

The fixtures do not need to be placed exactly along the length of the cable. Our range includes extension cords in three lengths: 1, 2 and 3 meters. Perfect for wall lights and fixtures that are difficult to reach with the main cable.



You have now drawn up a cable plan. To be on the safe side, check again to make sure you have not

overloaded your transformers. Add up the voltage for the fixtures you are going to connect to the transformer,

making sure this total is lower than the maximum allowable voltage of the transformer. A maximum of 50VA

can be connected to a HUB-50, while the HUB-50, while the HUB-100 can handle up to 100VA and the

SMART HUB-150 up to 150VA. Also try to divide the voltage as best as possible over the various cable outlets.



Finally, indicate the position of the desired accessories in your cable plan. For example, you can use the MOVE or

SMART MOVE motion detector to activate your lighting. For more information on the accessories, see the product pages.


MOVE for HUB-50 and 100




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