How do I connect the cable to the transformer?

The HUB-50/100 is equipped with two easy click connections. Strip a few cm from one end of the cable and place two cable ends next to each other. Strip around 8 mm from both cable ends using a cable stripper. Next, twist together the copper wires so that there are no loose wires. Click the Easy-Connect clip for the cable entry open and place one cable end in the entry. Secure the cable by pushing down the Easy-Connect clip and pull slightly on the cable to check whether it is securely in place. Do the same with the other cable end. If desired, you can connect a second cable to the transformer. Both cables will be controlled jointly by the transformer. The SMART HUB-50/100 is equipped with three easy click connections. If desired, you can connect a second and/or third cable to the transformer. The cables can be controlled separately using the in-lite app.

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