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Recessed light - Ø 60mm/2.36"


BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC is specially designed to uniquely illuminate the beams of a pergola, wide alcoves or passageways.

The EASY-LOCK is included as standard with this luminaire. The cable length on this fixture is 60cm.

TIP: Consider an extension cable
  • Gives a wide stripe of light
  • Suitable for illuminating walls and pergolas
  • Surmountable
RING 68   + 25.00 Ring recessed light - Ø 60mm/2.36"
BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC 12V   + 134.00 Recessed light - Ø 60mm/2.36"

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  • 1x EASY LOCK
  • 60 cm Fixture cable
  • Ring 68 Pearl Grey

Product overview
Product Details
With its asymmetrical lens, BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC produces two different light images. In one direction, the light image is a wide fan with a light angle of 65 degrees and a light range of 6 metres. Turning the luminaire 90 degrees creates a narrow line with and angle of illumination of 18 degrees and a light range of 6 metres high. This allows this luminaire to uniquely illuminate the beams of a pergola, wide alcoves or passageways.

BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC can be perfectly combined with the SPIKE accessory. With this ground stake, you easily place the ground spotlight in a loose substrate such as earth, gravel or grass.

This luminaire consists of BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC and RING 68 Pearl Grey. The ring is made of high-quality anodised aluminium. BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC is also suitable for incorporation into accessory BOX-1.


Art. nr.
Pearl Grey

Installation instructions

Installation advice
You install this ground spotlight in a hole in wood (using a wood drill) or stone (using a cooled diamond drill) with a diameter of 60 mm. An in-lite dealer or gardener can take care of this. Please note, only install the fixture in a straight drilled hole of the correct size to ensure the spotlight is clamped properly without damaging the housing of the ground spotlight. The BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC is fitted with a stainless steel cup. The cup is a stainless steel ring with spring-loaded tabs, making mounting easy and tension-free. The cup pushes the spotlight into the hole; a hammer is not required. Thanks to the springy tabs, the spot is always properly clamped. Also, the spot is now easy to remove without damage. The cup comes standard with the BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC and is not available separately. If you want to incorporate BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC in a loose substrate such as earth, gravel or grass, this is possible in combination with accessory SPIKE. Place the BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC in SPIKE and prick the whole into the ground.
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