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Pendant light - Ø 450 mm


BIG VOQUE PENDANT is a stunning luminaire that combines elegance with functionality. This unique pendant lamp is a composition of BIG VOQUE and BELT. This combination means VOQUE can now be hung as well. How about BIG VOQUE PENDANT in your tree or on your pergola?

BIG VOQUE PENDANT is adjustable in length from 55 cm to 98 cm. Create a new dimension by combining several VOQUE fixtures and lengths.
  • Secure magnetic click-connect system
  • Made of strong, durable materials
  • Quick and easy (dis)connecting
Installation advice:

1-metre extension cable included

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The right garden lighting can transform your outdoor space into a magical place. By combining different fixtures and accessories with each other, you create a stunning result. BIG VOQUE PENDANT is such a combination. The perfect pendant lamp to create a playful lighting effect. This fixture is both elegant and functional.

This special pendant lamp is the result of the combination between the well-known VOQUE design and BELT. This combination now makes it possible to also hang VOQUE, for example in a tree on a pergola.


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Canopy , Pergola
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Installation instructions

Installation advice
Attaching the VOQUE to the BELT is very simple. Screw the included aluminium screw cap into the bottom of the VOQUE. Attached to the BELT is a magnetic insert into which the screw cap clicks automatically when you hold it against it. This way, the VOQUE is securely attached to the BELT. By sliding the BELT to the side, it can be detached again.<br /> <br /> There are two ways to mount the VOQUE PENDANT. <br /> The BELT is fitted with a Quick Connect magnetic buckle. Both ends snap together and engage when they come near each other. To release, you need to slide the buckle parts to opposite sides. This way, you can easily hang VOQUE PENDANT around a pergola or tree branch, for example. <br /> <br /> To mount the VOQUE PENDANT on a ceiling, for example, you can use the supplied clip. This is easily mounted by drilling the supplied screw through the screw hole of the clip. The BELT strap can then easily be inserted here.
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