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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I connect a dimmer to an in-lite fixture?

You can only connect a dimmer if this possibility is stated explicitly in the specifications for the outdoor light. Click here to view all dimmable lights in our product range.

Can I connect in-lite outdoor lighting to a 220 volt cable or main power supply?

Only if the in-lite fixture expressly indicates that it can be connected to 220 or 230 volts. Refer to the installation recommendations for the product in our product list or the manual.

Can I extend the cable for the light sensor?

Yes, you can. Special extension cords are available in 1, 2 and 3 meters.  We recommend that you extend the cable up to a maximum of 3 meters, using as few extension cords as possible. Also watch this video.

Can I install the transformer outdoors?

Of course! All our transformers can be used outdoors. However, you must consider a few things when installing the transformer. Visit the Installation Tips page and read the manual for the specific transformer.

Can I use my own transformer or 12 volt cable?

No, that is not possible. The LED electronics in particular are sensitive to interference or fluctuations in the system. We remind you that when your lighting is connected to a system that includes products that are not from in-lite, this will void the warranty. We can no longer guarantee the quality of our products in such cases.

Do I have to protect the cable connector against water ingress?

No, you do not. The Easy-Lock connector can be installed above or below ground without any problem. The special gel in the connector protects the connection against moisture and other external factors. Read more about this on the Installation Tips page.

Do I have to switch the lighting on manually every evening?

That is an option, but not necessary. Our transformers are equipped with a light sensor that automatically switches the lighting on as it gets dark. Read more on the Installation Tips page or refer to the transformer manual.

Does 12 volt outdoor lighting provide less light than 230 volt lighting?

No, that is a misunderstanding. The amount of light produced by an outdoor lamp depends upon the type of light source (LED, halogen, incandescent bulb) and the power (number of watts). Read all about the advantages of 12 volt outdoor lighting here.

How do I adjust the timer on the transformer?

Refer to the manual for the transformer or watch this video. For more installation tips, visit the Installation Tips page.

How do I connect the in-lite cable to the HUB-50 or HUB-100 transformer?

The in-lite cable is easy to connect to the HUB-50 and HUB-100. Cut a few centimeters off the end of one side of the cable so that you have two cable ends. Strip around 8 mm from both cable ends using a cable stripper. Next, twist the copper wires together, making sure there are no loose wires. Click the Easy-Connect clip on the cable entry upwards and place one end in the input. Click the cable into place by pushing the Easy-Connect clip downwards, checking it by pulling slightly on the cable to make sure it is secure. Now do the same thing with the other end of the cable. If desired, you can connect one extra cable to the transformer. Both cables will be jointly controlled by the transformer. See the manual for detailed instructions.

Important: Did you purchase an in-lite cable with cable lugs and want to connect the cable to the HUB-50 or HUB-100? Cut off the entire cable lugs and strip the cable as described above or see the manual for the transformer.

How do I connect the lighting to the 12 volt cable?

in-lite lighting is connected to the low voltage cable using the in-lite Easy-Lock and mini-connector. The installation tips page includes some helpful videos about installing our system. For specific installation instructions, refer to the installation recommendations and product manual.

How do I figure out which type of transformer I need?

This depends on the total installation value (VA) of the fixtures in your lighting plan. The transformer must have sufficient output for controlling the lighting. For more information, see our blog entry on the transformer.

How do I install the transformer?

You can find out how to install a transformer on our installation tips page. You can also refer to the manual of the specific transformer.

How do I make a cable plan?

You can read how to make a cable plan in our blog.

How many fixtures can be connected to a single transformer?

That depends upon the capacity (watts) of the transformer and the electric potential (VA) of the lamps that you want to connect to the transformer. More information can be found on the Installation Tips page or our blog about the cable plan.

I do not want to install my in-lite system myself. Who can do it for me?

Contact our dealers for more information. They can help you or refer you to an expert landscaper.

I still have in-lite halogen lighting in my yard. Can I combine it with LED lighting?

Yes, all in-lite fixtures, from LED to Halogen, can be combined together. Remember to keep the load on the transformer in mind as well as the maximum cable lengths for optimal lighting. Read more on the Installation Tips page and in our transformer and cable manuals.

I want to install my in-lite outdoor lighting myself. Where do I start?

First, have a look at the page about the in-lite 12 volt system. We also recommend that you watch the videos on the Installation Tips page. Always refer to the manual and installation recommendations with our products for specific installation instructions.

Is installing in-lite outdoor lighting difficult?

No, no technical knowledge is required to install in-lite lighting. For an explanation of our system, visit the in-lite 12 volt system page and the Installation Tips page.

Is the in-lite 12 volt system safe?

Yes, our system is completely safe. It is also safe for playing children and pets that dig. More advantages can be found on the 12 volt outdoor lighting page.

Is there any in-lite outdoor lighting with an integrated light sensor?

Our transformers are equipped with a light sensor that automatically switches the lighting on as it gets dark. Read more on the Installation Tips page or refer to the transformer manual.

What are the advantages of 12 volt outdoor lighting?

You can easily install outdoor lighting based on a 12 volt low voltage system yourself and it is completely safe. More information is available on the 12 volt outdoor lighting page.

Where can I buy a new Easy-Lock?

Easy-Locks are available through our dealers. If they do not have the item in stock, they can order it from us.

Will my outdoor lighting stay on through the night?

That is an option, but not necessary. You can use the timer on the transformer to adjust how long the lighting stays on. Watch the “Setting the transformer” video or refer to the transformer manual.

Do you have a question that is not shown?

Can you not find the answer to your question? Then please contact us!