Illuminating trees with ground or outdoor spotlights

Tall trees don't just catch a lot of wind. With in-lite's tree lighting, they are also beautifully illuminated! Even in the dark winter months, trees need not lose their beauty thanks to in-lite's exclusive garden lighting. The silhouette of the trunk then becomes clearly visible with the right designer tree lighting.

First look at the base of the tree in question. Is it located on a driveway, gravel path or terrace? Then ground spots are ideal for tree lighting. Are the trees among plants? Then outdoor spotlights are a suitable choice for lighting your trees.

Spots from in-liteSpots from in-lite
NERO - Tree lighting - Recessed lights - Garden lighting - in-liteNERO - Tree lighting - Recessed lights - Garden lighting - in-lite

Tree lighting : which ground spotlight to choose? 

Looking for ground spots that are beautifully concealed in the ground? In-lite's FLUX luminaires are the best choice for lighting trees.

Op zoek naar grondspots die prachtig zijn weggewerkt in de grond? De FLUX-armaturen van in-lite zijn de beste keuze om bomen te verlichten.

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Ground spots for tall multi-stem trees

Is there a large, attention-grabbing multi-stemmed tree in the garden, such as a maple or birch? BIG FLUX is the best designer lighting for large trees with lots of width.

Op zoek naar grondspots die prachtig zijn weggewerkt in de grond? De FLUX-armaturen van in-lite zijn de beste keuze om bomen te verlichten.

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Ground spots for long, tall trees

But perhaps there are some beautiful Italian cypress trees showing off on the driveway, or other narrow tall trees. BIG FLUX NARROW is the best choice for lighting slender, tall trees. At 68 millimetres in diameter, this small powerhouse gives a powerful and narrow bundled light for outdoors and is suitable for lighting trees up to 11 metres. You don't have to worry about running over these ground spots with your car, because BIG FLUX is driveable, so it is also suitable for the driveway.

Op zoek naar grondspots die prachtig zijn weggewerkt in de grond? De FLUX-armaturen van in-lite zijn de beste keuze om bomen te verlichten.

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Lighting trees from a gravel path

However, are your trees right among gravel or tall plantings? Then install BIG NERO NARROW. Thanks to its flat-ring design, this luminaire is easy to incorporate into gravel and soil. BIG NERO NARROW illuminates up to 14 metres.

Trees in a row

Do you have a series of trees in a row, such as espaliers for privacy? Ground spotlight LUNA, with its angled beam, is perfect for highlighting garden elements such as fences, hedges, walls and espaliers. Place one in front of each tree and these elements will stand out beautifully.

tree lighting - Garden lighting - in-litetree lighting - Garden lighting - in-lite

Between grass and plants: outdoor spotlights for trees

Outdoor spotlights are a practical choice for tree lighting that will be placed among plants. Think of trees placed in borders, or in a bed of flowers. An additional advantage is that you can easily reposition these garden lights (yourself). Outdoor spotlights, unlike ground spots, are not 'mounted' in the ground, but simply 'pricked'. This makes it easier to relocate them.

Use RISER between plants

Do you have plants growing around your trees? If so, do not place ground spots in the ground, because otherwise they will quickly become buried under a thick covering of plants. After all, plants tend to grow and cover the light source. A smart solution: use RISER 1 and RISER 2 accessories: telescopic poles that allow you to position the spotlight higher and higher as the plants grow. Also ideal for trees that grow taller and taller.

RISER 1 - Outdoor lighting - in-liteRISER 1 - Outdoor lighting - in-lite


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SCOPE - Outdoor lighting - in-liteSCOPE - Outdoor lighting - in-lite


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Garden lighting for a targeted point

Are the trees in a lawn, plant or flower bed? Then you quickly end up with in-lite's most popular outdoor spotlight: SCOPE. A beautiful ground spot made of black aluminium and cleverly designed, it allows you to highlight specific spots in the garden such as trees, shrubs, statues and facades up to about 8 metres. With BIG SCOPE NARROW you illuminate trees up to 12 metres.

Tip: Place SCOPE several metres outside the trunk, aimed at the crown of the tree, for the best effect.

Tree lighting - Garden lighting - in-liteTree lighting - Garden lighting - in-lite
Tree lighting - Garden lighting - in-liteTree lighting - Garden lighting - in-lite

Illuminating trees with colour lighting

Make the trees in your garden stand out with colour lighting. SMART SCOPE TONE opens up a rich palette of possibilities for you. In addition to in-lite's familiar warm-white light, SMART SCOPE TONE offers the opportunity to play endlessly with all the colours of the rainbow. An atmospheric evening guaranteed!

Lighting on the tree trunk
Can the garden lighting go even higher? Then follow this spectacular tip from in-lite and mount the tree lighting on the tree trunk itself using BRACE. With this handy tree strap, you can attach the SCOPE spotlight to the trunk. In combination with the BRACE BAND accessory, the BRACE can be mounted on a tree trunk, branch or pole.

Tip: The band can be cut to any length so that the BRACE fits perfectly around any tree!

SMART SCOPE TONE - Tree lighting - garden lighting - in-liteSMART SCOPE TONE - Tree lighting - garden lighting - in-lite

Lighting from the tree trunk

Do you have a cosy seating area next to or under trees? And do you want to make sure you can enjoy that spot not only during the day but also at night? Then use the SCOPE spotlight in combination with BRACE and BRACE BAND. With this fixture, you hang the lights high up in the tree, preventing the light from shining into your eyes. Lovely when you want to spend an evening relaxing with friends or family.

Advice & decision aid

After reading, are you still not sure which garden lighting suits your trees? We'd be happy to help! Use our handy decision aid tool to determine which lighting you need.

Use the chat or call us on +31184688760.

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