and energyefficient

LED lights are currently the most sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly lights available. That is why more and more people are switching to LED lighting in their homes. But even outside, LED lighting is also the most durable option. in-lite designs all its LED lighting itself and works with leading manufacturers who are pioneers in high-quality LED technology. This means in-lite LED outdoor lighting is not only high quality, but there is also a suitable fixture for every application. A look behind the scenes.

Extremely long life

Why is it that makes LEDs so sustainable? First, LED light sources are highly energy-efficient. Compare to a traditional bulb, an LED consumes 80% less energy. LED light sources are also extremely long-lasting. Under normal conditions, an LED light will last up to ten times longer than, for example, a halogen bulb.

LED suitable for a wide range of uses

The sustainable properties of LED are certainly not at the expense of the light output. With today’s technology, LEDs are more than a worthy substitute for halogen lights and light bulbs. Since the early days of LED technology, in-lite has been developing outdoor lighting using this light source. We now offer a range of LED lights that are suitable for all types of uses. Whether you want to mark a path with soft light or accentuate a beautiful tall tree with a powerful beam of light, our lights allow you to illuminate your entire outdoor space. Right down to the pond.

Natural light color

Our fixtures are available from a warm ambiance lighting (2700 Kelvin) to a warm functional light color (3000 Kelvin), all tailored to how the light is used. The color has been chosen to faithfully reproduce and easily recognize the colors in the yard. We also ensure that the light color remains constant throughout the life of the fixture.

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