The transformer

The transformer controls the lighting with the help of a light sensor and, if desired, a timer. The transformer can be plugged into any electrical outlet.

The cable

The 12-volt cable is rolled out from the transformer and guided along the fixtures. It can end anywhere in the yard and does not have to form a closed system. Seals are installed to finish and protect the end of the cable.

The Easy-lock

The Easy-Lock connects the fixture with the 12 volt cable. The connection provides power to the fixture. You can read more about how our Easy-Lock works below.

Fixture & mini-connector

Every fixture has a cable with a mini-connector that connects to the Easy-Lock system.

Instalation videos
CB-081 & CB-056
Watch installation videos
HUB 50 & 100
Watch installation videos
Watch installation videos
cable connector and extension cord

In addition to the basic components for a working in-lite system, we also offer a number of useful extra system components. Cable connectors allow you to easily create one or more cable branches to guide the cable past the various fixtures. And if you want to install an outdoor light a bit farther away from the main 12 volt cable, just use an extension cord. These are placed between the mini connector on the fixture and the Easy-Lock.

easy-lock & cc-2 cable connector

The Easy-Lock and CC-2 cable connector can be literally connected with the flick of a wrist. A cable clamp is used to secure the cable in the connector. Tightening the cap presses the contacts into the insulating material on the cable. This creates a firm connection. The special gel in the connector protects the connection against moisture and other external influences. The cable sheath material ensures the cable is not damaged. This means that it is no problem to move the Easy-Lock and CC-2 and you can easily adjust your lighting at any time.

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