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light just got smarter

A balmy summer evening with a good bottle of wine on the table. An animated conversation with friends that makes you forget about time. You create the moments together, you create the atmosphere with lighting. With in-lite's natural, warm white light, the colors in flowerbeds come out beautifully in the evening and trees in the garden are attractively illuminated.


Our smart fixtures let you easily dim the light in your garden. This lets you create the right ambiance for any occasion.


  • Wireless and easy to operate using the app
  • Easy to dim with the dim slider
  • Individually dimmable
Slimme verlichting - in-liteSlimme verlichting - in-lite
Slimme verlichting - in-lite
Slimme verlichting - in-liteSlimme verlichting - in-lite

Colour lighting

Set your smart fixtures to any desired colour or select one of the standard colours. The in-lite SMART TONE fixtures make it possible to add coloured lighting to any garden. Coloured light lets you add a personal dimension to any outdoor space illuminated with in-lite

  • Alle colours possible
  • Easy to operate with a colour circle
  • Easy to set to the unique in-lite warm white

Our vision on colour

We considered coloured lighting an ‘extra layer’ in the garden. It is the type of lighting you switch on to set the mood during intimate gatherings. In photos and video, we emphasise the direct and indirect lighting effects around overhangs, sitting and lounge areas and outdoor kitchens. Everything that is green (such as trees and plants) stays green in an in-lite garden. Nothing beats the beauty of CRI 90+ lighting illuminating a tree or plant.


With the latest in-lite functionalities, you can always remotely control your garden lights, via commands, a motion sensor or the in-lite app. You can turn the lights on or off, dim the light and even adjust the color on SMART TONE fixtures.

Smart home connection

More and more smart products can be operated remotely using such popular smart home systems as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit. These systems let you easily operate all devices in your home. 



The SMART BRIDGE from in-lite allows you to connect your Smart outdoor lighting to a Smart home system. This way you control the garden lighting not only via app, but also with voice control. Handy when you walk into the garden with a full tray, for example.



You want a beautiful and attractively lit outdoor space, but you also want it to be safe around your home. With a well-lit step you prevent someone from tripping, and when you park your car in the driveway, good visibility is important. In addition, lighting has a deterrent effect on unwanted guests.


Smart outdoor lighting can be turned on or off remotely, the light can be made brighter with the dimmer or wireless motion sensor. With SMART MOVE, your garden lights turn on automatically when you walk or drive by. Convenient, safe and smart.


Through the in-lite app, you can set the time that the lighting comes on, for example, after motion is detected. This prevents your outdoor lighting from being left on unnecessarily. This makes your outdoor lighting even more sustainable.


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