In-lite is proud to introduce the first Special Edition to its range: ACE FLAT GREY.

All fixtures in this ACE series are available in the stylish, high-end high-gloss color of FLAT GREY

In-lite also introduces a completely new fixture, only available in FLAT GREY: ACE DOWN 100-230V


The standing LED outdoor lights ACE Flat Gray and ACE HIGH Flat Gray are characterized by their trend-setting and characteristic sleek design. The light source spreads a light downwards on two sides and is suitable for processing between plants and grasses.

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Wall lights

The wall fixtures in the ACE Flat Gray series have been developed to play with light as much as possible. All wall lights in this series can be recognized by the high-quality FCBV coating. In addition, they are fully equipped with accessories to adjust the light image as desired.

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Flat Grey is a color that is anything but dull and can rightfully be called “special”. 
The Flat Grey fixtures can rightfully be called our “Most Colorful Grey”.
















in-lite LAB is very involved in the development of new fixtures.

With the input of LAB, daring and exclusive fixtures and

lighting solutions are created that meet today's needs. The result:

ACE Flat Grey "Approved by in-lite LAB".






The wall lights from the ACE Flat Gray series come standard with a SHUTTER 1 or SHUTTER 2 on each light source.

The UP-DOWN fixtures are therefore supplied with two SHUTTERS. In addition, the ACE DOWN 100-230V and ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V are dimmable..

All Flat Gray fixtures are therefore fully equipped to adapt the light to personal taste.



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