During the DISC design process, the focus was on shape and light output. In developing this new

concept, we found our inspiration in natural shapes. The concept features curves and soft shapes

that incorporate distinct natural elements. The bollard, for instance, is clearly reminiscent of a

toadstool and the light source in the fixtures has an incline that alludes to natural forms. The concept

is elegant, with a soft look and feel, yet a contemporary design.





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To illuminate the various focal points of this yard and outdoor space, the new DISC fixtures were

chosen. Thanks to the hanging lamps, the inviting sitting area is perfect for socializing until the wee

hours. By illuminating the beautiful flower border with the bollards, the yard is just as colorful at

night as during the day. And the round wall lights give the sleek white wall the perfect accent.

• 5x DISC • 5x DISC LOW 2x DISC WALL 100-230V • 2x DISC PENDANT 100-230V 7x BIG FLUX 2x SCOPE








Ultimate user-friendliness is the goal when designing new fixtures. In the newest DISC concept, this

is reflected in the method used to dim the 230V hanging lights. No dimmer needs to be installed

and the lights are dimmed with a simple hand movement. We call this “Human Dimming”. This

technique is becoming increasingly common in exclusive indoor lighting and now also available for

the DISC PENDANT 100-230V. This way, you can easily control your lighting from your lounge set or dining table.




The DISC BASE TRIPLE is used to hang two or three DISC PENDANT 100-230V fixtures, making it

possible to illuminate the full length of a long table. Make sure that the light sources are not touching

each other by creatively hanging them at different heights or at a distance from each other.


DISC PENDANT DUO - Hanglampen buiten - in-lite
DISC PENDANT TRIPLE - Hanglampen buiten - in-lite


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