In-lite outdoor lighting is based on low voltage (12 volts).Our lighting is therefore safe and easy to install yourself.  You create a professionally

installed system in just five steps. If you choose to install the in-lite lighting yourself, read this page carefully and watch the videos. 

step 1: transformer

This video shows you how to properly install the transformer and light sensor. The transformer controls the lighting and powers the system.

step 2: 12 volt cable

You can now roll out the cable. The cable carries the current and causes the fixtures to illuminate.

Install it along paving and borders as much as possible for easy access.

step 3: easy-lock

Every fixture includes an Easy-Lock which ensures good electrical conduction and that your light gives off the most light.


step 4: mini-connector

The mini-connector connects the fixture to the Easy-Lock. The soft PVC casing protects the connection from moisture and dirt.


step 5: fixture

Finally, install the fixture at the desired location. Follow the instructions and installation recommendations in our product manuals.



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