The in-lite system operates at 12 volts (low voltage). This means that the 230 volts of power from the socket is converted to 12 volts by a transformer. This is a safe voltage, making in-lite lighting easy to connect and reposition by the consumer.


  1. HUB-50 - Transformers - in-lite
    gesture swiping hand
    Transformer for 50VA
  2. HUB-100 - Transformers - in-lite
    Transformer for 100VA
  3. SMART HUB-150 - Transformers - in-lite SMART HUB-150 - Transformers - in-lite
    SMART HUB-150
    SMART Transformer for 150VA


HUB-50 & HUB-100

The HUB-50 and HUB-100 are the standard transformers in our range. They are operated with a touchscreen and you can connect 50VA or 100VA to them. You can divide these over two cable outlets, but keep in mind that they cannot be operated separately.

More HUB-100

The SMART HUB-150 is operated using the in-lite app. You can connect up to 150VA in fixtures to the transformer, divided over three cable outlets if desired, each of which can be operated separately.

More SMART HUB-150


De PROTECTORS zijn vervaardigd uit hoogwaardig kunststof en zijn ontwikkeld om SMART HUB-150, HUB-50 en HUB-100 transformators die op een niet-overdekte locatie geïnstalleerd zijn te beschermen tegen alle vormen van neerslag.

HUB protector - transformator beschermen - in-lite


  HUB-50 HUB-100 SMART HUB-150
Max. permitted voltage 50 VA 100 VA 150 VA
Operation method Touchscreen Touchscreen in-lite app
No. of ground cables (lines) 2 lines 2 lines 3 lines
Separate line operation × ×
Manual on/off √ (d.m.v. in-lite app)
Day/night switch √ (light sensor) √ (light sensor) √ (astronomical clock)
Timer function √ (hours on) √ (hours on) √ (minutes on)
Motion detector MOVE (wired) MOVE (wired) SMART MOVE (wireless)
Overload short circuit notification
Installation outdoor possible √ at >50cm √ at >50cm √ at >50cm


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