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Personalise your lighting experience

We’ve developed a selection of outdoor lighting accessories that allow you to adapt the intensity and direction of light coming from your outdoor wall lights, recessed lights and outdoor spotlights.

Pool with outdoor lighting - in-litePool with outdoor lighting - in-lite
Recessed lights - Outdoor lighting - in-liteRecessed lights - Outdoor lighting - in-lite

Accessories for recessed floor lights

in-lite offers a wide range of recessed floor lights for your outdoor area, including those with varying beam widths and cone widths. We even offer drive-over options and lights that can swivel, so you can truly find the best option for your garden. Whatever surface you’re working with, whether it’s natural stone, concrete, wood or gravel, you’ll find a suitable floor light for it at in-lite, as well as ways to adapt it to your needs.

Adapt a design instantly

The possibilities don’t end there, as you also have options when it comes to appearance. We offer recessed floor lights in different sizes and colours. These lights come in a round size, but many of the models can be adapted into a square shape using PLATE 1 or PLATE 75 , which will provide a straight, angular look. These cover plates are available in stylish colours such as black, stainless steel or pearl grey.

De buiten wandlampen van in-lite zijn ontwikkeld voor elk type tuin. Dat geldt voor elk armatuur. De wandlampen zijn volledig aan te passen aan je eigen wensen. Het assortiment bestaat uit diverse, unieke concepten met allemaal een eigen afwerking en stijl. Wil je een strak en stoer wandarmatuur aan je buitenmuur?

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outdoor lighting -in-liteoutdoor lighting -in-lite

Maximum flexibility with installation

When planning your outdoor space, you likely have varying terrains and obstacles to consider. To provide flexibility in the placement of your outdoor lamps, in-lite offers the SPIKE and SPIKE 22 ground pins. These provide additional mounting options for all recessed floor lights with a diameter of 60 or 22mm. This accessory allows you to simply insert ground spots into loose surfaces, such as dirt, grass, or gravel, rather than limiting them to placements in firm ground. This ensures that you can find an optimal solution for every zone of your garden.

Plate 75 - in-lite Plate 75 - in-lite


SPIKE - in-liteSPIKE - in-lite


Versatile accessories for your outdoor lighting needs

The accessories for outdoor lighting at in-lite are versatile. In addition to the aforementioned tools, you’ll also find numerous other products that enable easy installation to suit your ideas. These include:

  • A wide variety of profiles for attaching the LED strips from our range of surface-mounted lights in any location of your choosing, and in every conceivable shape.
  • Mounting plates that allow you to easily set lights above a wall socket ( EVO WALL MOUNT ), on masonry ( FIX 1), or on a sloping surface such as a wedge-shaped formwork ( FIT).
  • Waterproof cable connectors ( WATERLOCK ) allow you to extend the cables for your pond lighting.

Trusted advice from experts

in-lite has been developing high-quality, long-lasting LED outdoor lighting for over 20 years. We place uncompromising importance on product quality, sustainability and simple installation. Our special low-voltage system can easily and safely be installed in just a few steps, without the need for an expert. Do you need help choosing the right accessories for your outdoor lights? We’re happy to personally advise you on the right choices for your garden. Get in touch through our contact form or by calling us on +31 18 46 88 760 (Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.).

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